Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firepit TableRated one of the best LP gas outdoor fire pit, this table by Blue Rhino will make your summer and winter nights much more enjoyable. The Blue Rhino GAD860SP starts a beautiful and lasting fire pit with a click of a button. It’s gas powered, so the fire will last you as long as you have propane gas left. The table itself features beautiful marble slate mantel that is handmade and adds a sense of luxury to¬† your patio. The electric ignition and control buttons as well as the LP gas tank remain hidden and will not ruin the beautiful aesthetic of your patio. With a simple click, you’ll be able to start a fire with no hassle or mess. A 20-pound propane tank is required to for this fire pit table to work. It is not included with the purchase of this table, but it will only cost you around $40 or so from any store.


The fire pit will require you to assemble it. Instructions are simple and no tools needed to put the table together. The manufacturer suggested it would take about an hour to put together, but customers who were not familiar with this type of assembly mentioned that it took them about 2 hours. The table was easy to put together, nonetheless. It is recommended though that you put it together close to where you will be placing it, as it will be heavy to carry once assembled.

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