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We’ve mentioned it many times before, Lexington Modern has been one of our favorite outdoor patio brands for the highest quality, amazing prices and always free shipping! In this post, we’re showcasing 3 of our favorite patio lounge chairs by them, which you can buy with over %50 OFF retail price and get FREE shipping, too!

Encase Swing Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair:

Encase Swing Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair in Espresso White

Spend your day off floating on air thanks to this beautiful hanging swing lounge chair. Constructed from aluminum frame and stand in espresso finish, all-weather woven wicker seating and water/weather resistant plush cushion. Buying this from LexMod will get you more than %50 OFF its retail price, plus FREE shipping!

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Nagoya Dual Outdoor Patio Chaise:

Nagoya Dual Outdoor Patio Chaise in Espresso White

Share the good times with a loved one in this dual chaise lounge with an umbrella. Each side can be adjusted individually, and they’re actually facing each other for a more intimate seating arrangement. The chaise lounge is constructed from powder-coated aluminum frames, all-weather woven wicker and weather resistant cushions. Umbrella is included with your purchase, too. You can buy this chaise lounge at over %50 OFF + FREE shipping from LexMod.

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Peer Outdoor Patio Chaise in Brown White:

Peer Outdoor Patio Chaise in Brown White

Classic elegance, this chaise lounge is perfect for reading and lounging by the pool or in any patio area. Made of brown woven wicker, white machine-washable cushions, both are all-weather resistant. Available at over %50 off and free shipping. Available in 5 colors.

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Lexington Modern Outdoor Chaise Lounge with Umbrella

We all know that sharing is caring, and sharing a good time with a loved one is definitely the highest form of caring. Whether you like to bask in the sun, read in the outdoors or have a fun conversation in a peaceful starry summer night, this double-chaise lounge is the perfect accessory for the occasion.

Features of the Lexington Modern Double Chaise Lounge:

  • Dual chaise lounge chair.
  • Lightweight, powered coated aluminum frame.
  • Woven synthetic rattan.
  • UV and water resistant.
  • Washable cushion covers.
  • Dimensions: 82″L x 54.5″W x 13.5″H

This chaise lounge/daybed is available in 6 different colors to choose from:

Arrival Outdoor Patio Chaise in Espresso Peridot
Arrival Outdoor Patio Chaise in Espresso Mocha
Evince Outdoor Patio Chaise in Espresso Orange
Evince Outdoor Patio Chaise in Espresso Light Blue

Where to Buy the LexMod Arrival Dual Chaise Lounge with Umbrella:

The chaise lounge set is available for purchase from or

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LexMod Lunar 5-Piece Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set

Lexington Modern has always been one of our favorite brands for all-weather wicker patio furniture. This new 5-piece set by them is as modern and beautiful as all of their other sets. Very well constructed, durable and comfortable, the set includes:

  • 2 armchairs: 33-inch l by 31-inch w by 28-inch h
  • 1 loveseat: 59-inch l by 33-inch w by 28-inch h
  • 1 coffee table: 47-inch l by 24-inch w by 13-inch h,
  • and 1 side table: 18-inch l by 18-inch w by 18-inch h

The entire set is built from powder-coated aluminum frames with rattan resin wicker weaved around it. It is all-weather proof, so it doesn’t matter where you live and what weather conditions might face this set, it can handle it! The wicker is UV proof and water proof, and the same goes for the cushions.

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The Cushions:

The cushion covers are all machine washable. They’re water and UV resistant, so they’re quite durable.

The Coffee Table:

Included with your set is a tempered glass to add to the coffee table so it holds things better and it’s easier to clean.


The set arrives fully assembled and you only have to arrange it.

Color options:

You have different options when it comes to colors.

The wicker: available in Espresso brown, White or Tan.

The Cushions: available in green, black, white, red, orange, turquoise, mocha.

LexMod Lunar 5-Piece Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set_Tan LexMod Lunar 5-Piece Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set_White

The set ships fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about any complicated assembly.

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The set is also available directly from Lexington Modern’s website, also ships pre-assmbled and free of charge.

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Don’t need a large patio set? Want to create a small haven for yourself in your outdoor patio/garden? Then this is the set for you! Robin’s Nest set by Lexington Modern is a perfect set of a party of one. It’s made up of one armchair (43-inch l by 33-inch w by 31-inch h) and an ottoman 35-inch l by 18-inch w by 17-inch h. Material used to build this set is as top notch as you’d expect from Lexington Modern; the frame is build of powdered aluminum frame covered in weather/water resistant rattan weave. All cushions are included in the set, they are UV/Weather/Water resistant and machine washable. You can leave this set in any weather without having to worry about the weather conditions.

The beautiful set will ship to your door pre-assembled.

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Also Available from with FREE shipping:

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Lexington Modern Traverse 4 Piece Outdoor Set This ultra-modern patio set by Lexington Modern will transform your outdoor into a sleek lounge area. With it’s classic features, yet modern touch and some vibrant accent pillows, it adds freshness and fun to your patio.

The 4 piece wicker set includes:

– 1 coffee table: 47-inch l by 24-inch w by 20-inch h

– 1 chaise lounge: 35-inch l by 75-inch w by 24-inch h

– 1 left section: 35-inch l by 35-inch w by 24-inch h

– 1 Middle section: 94.5-inch l by 35-inch w by 24-inch h

The set seats up to 6 people comfortably. Then entire set is built with rust-resistant powder coated aluminum frame with all-weather rattan wrapped around it. The cushions are all weather-proof as well, and can be easily spot-cleaned when needed or machine washed. The set is also UV resistant, it won’t weather or weaken in the sun, and the rattan will remain like-new for years to come.

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The coffee table is constructed from the same well-built material. with aluminum frame and weather-resistant rattan. It also features a tempered glass top to protect it even further.

The entire set comes pre-assembled, there’s no work required on your part. you can buy it from

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Lexington modern outdoor patio furniture set 7 pcsFeatures:

  • Large 7 piece outdoor patio set that includes: single arm sofa, corner sofa, armless sofa, left/right sofa, coffee table.
  • Made of woven wicker, with UV resistant and waterproof PE rattan. All sponges are waterproof and all weather resistant.
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame are protected against corrosion , and thickened glass for the table.
  • Water and weather resistant cushion covers included

Like the Lexington Modern outdoor patio sets we review, this set is a beautiful and sleek set that will add beauty to beauty to your patio. The spacious 7 piece set can comfortably seat your friends and family so you can have a great time at your patio, all while adding a stylish and very practical piece of furniture to your home.

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The Lexington Modern Outdoor Patio Wicker Sofa Sectional 7-piece Set includes:

  • 1 x single arm sofa 38″ W | 35.5″ D | 25.5″ H
  • 1 x corner sofa 35.5″ W | 35.5″ D | 25.5″ H
  • 2 x armless sofa 30″ W | 35.5″ D | 25.5″ H
  • 2 x left/right sofa 55.5″ W | 35.5″ D | 25.5″ H
  • 1 x tea table 49.5″ W | 30″ D | 12″ H

What’s fantastic about this set is the fact that you can configure it in any arrangement you want. So you don’t have to limit yourself! Arrange it in one way, and if you get bored, or feel like redecorating your patio, you can simply rearrange it again. The Left/right sofa allows you to build the rest of the set around it in any way, and very easily so.

All the pieces in this set are framed with powder coaster aluminum frames to protect it from any corrosion. The coffee table features a thicken glass on top. As with many other sets, you will tend to worry about the cushions first, but not with this set! All cushions are perfect for all weather conditions, and are water resistant. And if that wasn’t enough protection, included in the set water and weather resistant covers.

Lexington modern outdoor patio furniture set 7 pcs00_Customers who have bought this set are absolutely happy with it. Their only problem was that it can take a lot of time to receive the patio set (depends on where you live), other than that though, it was nothing but compliments.

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