Heard of the term ‘Deep Seating Patio Furniture’ but not sure what it is? Let us explain…

What Is Deep Seating Patio Furniture?

Outdoor Wicker Furniture New All Weather PE Resin 4pc Patio Deep Seating Lounge Sectional Sofa Set

This term is usually given to patio sets with cushions that are 3″ or 4″ in thickness. They’re very comfortable to sit and lounge on for long hours. With cushions that thick, you can imagine how the term ‘deep seating’ came to place!

Some Examples of Deep Seating Patio Furniture:

strathwood griffen wicker sofa

The Strathwood Griffin wicker sofa with 4″ thick cushions. Click here for more info on it.

Outdoor Patio PE Resin Wicker Furniture All Weather 7pc Vila Deep Seating New Sectional Sofa Set

Cassona Outdoor Living 7-piece all-weather sectional deep seating set with 4″ thick cushions. Click here to read more about it.

Strathwood Basics 6-Piece Furniture Set

Strathwood Basic 6-piece patio furniture set with cushions and throw pillows included. Click here to learn more about this set.

You can see more deep seating patio furniture sets and pieces by clicking here.

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